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My Teaching Philosophy

About me

Being the lead educator in Halls Head made me able to see the drops and streams of the students as well as gave me incredible understanding into the internal functions of a sixth quality class. Assessing my experiences, I developed the following ideology.

Different ways of learning

As all students are worthy of a chance to get knowledges, I recognise that the ways in which they go concerning their learning are considerably different from those sitting next to them. Taking that into consideration, I realise the necessity to differentiate learning and also permit for various learning styles. Not all trainees are the same and also it would certainly be unjust if I were to work as if the contrary held true. Any individual has a right to be challenged and stimulated in such a way that is suitable to his/her study level and style.

Freedom for sharing thoughts

When students are provided an opportunity to create their very own definition, their study ends up being a lot more substantial. As I look back through my mentor carreer, it is very easy to see that trainees do their best to find out and succeed when they are given a chance to develop significance and fix troubles on their own. It is not just my job to offer students with chances to create understanding on their own, however likewise to guarantee that I am facilitating and also supporting trainee understanding without purely providing responses. I believe in a classroom based around organised student study. My role in the class is to create organised possibilities for study that permit students to work while finding out individually.

For learning to take place, students should really feel safe and secure. In an atmosphere where trainees are comfortable and positive, learning comes to be their focus. I would like the trainees in my lessons to feel prettycomfy to express any thoughts or concerns that they may have. I will certainly constantly worry that incorrect answers are normal. Wrong solutions inform me exactly how students recognise my teaching, while they additionally allow me point to false impressions that trainees hold. Wrong answers allow students to work through an idea on their course to an extra rounded understanding of the web content. When trainees can freely express their thoughts with the tutor, they can gain from their reflection by seeing a different viewpoint.

About learning environment

Except the inherent academic learning that takes place in college, I believe that lots of various other sorts of study likewise take place. Every day offers numerous chances for tutors and also students to discover publicly, emotionally, and relationally. It is job as the tutor to utilize these opportunities. While social, emotional, and relationship learning/skills are rather different from academics, each has a critical duty in creating a discovering environment in the lesson. As trainees come into this setting every day, they as well start to notice the learning opportunities handy.

The most remarkable instructors of my very own education had a gift for getting in touch with their trainees. While the means those links were made varied depending on the person, something that I recall globally across all of them was a lesson based on trust in all the ways: student to teacher, and instructor to trainee. A critical part of a comfortable discovering environment is having trust for every other.

I will never cease trying to find ways to enhance my practice, both as a teacher as well as a human being. I am constantly examining and changing my techniques to ensure I am working to the best of my capabilities. It is this reflection and adaptability to transform that I think is the last vital point of my viewpoint.

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Subjects and Courses

  • Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Specialist Mathematics 3A/3B
  • Mathematics Applications ATAR
  • Mathematics Methods ATAR
  • Mathematics Specialist ATAR

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Hi my name is Henry , I live in Melbourne, VIC .

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I am a passionate and pleasant person, that is additionally tolerant, and will certainly urge all my tutees to do to their ideal standard while having enjoyable learning!

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